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Issue 1.3 Thursday April 14, 2016


     Webpass is 95% installed. They have done their job and the one remaining unit has no wiring for them to use. The owner will DIY his neccessary infrastructure. DIY is not new to BAB and is a core idea to this building and community. Everyone who lives here, owner or renter is expected to share in common tasks, respect each other, visitors and the property. Common sense.


     Two blocks South much is happening, todays DNA write up of WOW, West of Western business district is our closest Art retail and Art Galleries. BAB could consider aligning with WOW for mutual benefit. 


     Many here want to sell their Art. Or do they...


DNAinfo Chicago Logan Square & Humboldt Park WOW news of the day. Click to read what thay say.








Issue 1.2 Monday March 28, 2016 


     BAB Free WIFI went online last week. It works best in Lobby, Garden and Community Room. Look for SSID=Bloomingdale on your cell phone, iPod, tablet or laptop. No password needed. The Webpass installers recommend no password as it never remains secret and also makes Free WIFI tough to use. Duh!



     It seems we have a communication problem in the building, it was discovered today that a number of residents were unaware of the new BAB wired Internet service. Individual emails were sent to the known, unknowns...


Issue 1.1 March 19, 2016


     Big news today. Webpass is now ready to wire all units for high speed Internet. Every resident and owner should be getting an email on how to signup. Hint, they work weekends!


Or click this URL and sign up now!


Soon there will also be Lobby based WIFI, look for the Bloomingdale Art network, no password necessary.



ISSUE 1.0           March 13, 2016 



     Voting at Bloomingdale Art gallery, aka Community Room, starts at 6AM Tuesday, March 15th, ends 7PM. This is the first time BAB has been a polling place, BAB residents previously voted at First Ward garage on Campbell and the church on Moffat.


     Security cameras are being installed, currently BAB front lobby is the only location. More cameras to be installed. The cameras were purchased 4 years ago, so they were paid for a long time ago.


     The recent high winds knocked down part of BAB Parking Lot fence. The house to the east of the parking lot is sold, the renters are moving out and a new building is coming soon. They will need to build a new fence, if BAB can wait. The winds also damaged 3rd floor BAB soffit flashing which was removed by volunteers to avoid imminent danger to pedestrians. Needs replacement asap.


     Webpass is busy installing BAB Internet service building wide. All units will be hard wired for very high speed Internet. Webpass will be contacting each owner by direct mail to setup individual wiring appointments. This is expected to happen within weeks. Free WIFI for BAB guests will also be available in the lobby, courtyard and BAB Art Gallery.


     A gentle reminder, BAB needs Operations Committee members, by volunteering to help with Operations the building assessments may remain low. There is much to do.


     BAB Common Spaces are not for private or individual unit storage. Bicycles are not allowed in BAB lobby, courtyard or hallways. Long term art and art supplies are not to be stored in any common area including the Art Shop, aka Garage. Perhaps a Spring Art Shop cleanup is due.


















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