Bloomingdale Art Gallery 

Bloomingdale Arts: Creative Cluster By Design 


      What does it mean to live in an artist community? Bloomingdale Arts Building, designed, owned and managed by artists is twelve years old. The art work on display is a group exhibit with photography that reflects the texture of urban Chicago by Pauline Kochanski. Laura Weathered presents a visual history of the transformation of the vacant industrial space into twenty five work/live spaces. Robert Lopez offers a photographic story that captures the murals on the Bloomingdale Trail illustrating the social context of neighborhood change. Media Art work include a 1991 video about Wicker Park Artists Barrio and Gentrification, a slide show about the space and the short video produced by WTTW Artists at Home that captures artist designed work/live space under construction. An installation in the building lobby illustrates the timeline for development and the artists network in residence. 


Reception Friday November 13   5 - 8 PM
Gallery Hours Saturday 12 - 4 PM and by appointment 



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